AETI Advanced Solar Course

$1,695 CAD

AETi’s renewable energy course curriculum was created to develop the next generation of solar professionals.

AETi focuses on providing information in easy-to-understand formats. The ADVANCED SOLAR COURSE is delivered with components that are online self-directed learning as well as interactive Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) classes.

AETi’s Advanced Solar Course was created with input from employers and stakeholders to make sure that we are teaching the most up to date and relevant information that employers are expecting from their teams.

The course consists of roughly 24 hours of self-guided learning and testing and 8 VILTs of 3 hours each will be required to complete the course. These VILT courses do not need to be taken in order.

VILTs are regularly scheduled each Tuesday and Thursday and cater to two time zones, however our schedule is able to change in order to accommodate group booking schedule preferences.

Begin working immediately towards your solar certification with access to the vast online course while you prepare for the VILTs. Each VILT will have its own course package emailed to the participant 3 days prior to the course for review. At the end of each VILT, participants will be provided 48 hours to complete the test. Every Wednesday at 12pm MST an instructor will be available to answer any questions in a video chat forum. Email questions pertaining to the course curriculum will be answered within 24 hours by one of our instructors.

VILTs are 2 1/2 hours each. See the course calendar below for the availability of live classes.

  1. Interactive (grid-tied) system design
    How to design effective interactive systems with consideration of currently available equipment. 
  1. Solar calculations (angles, shading, temperature)
    Have shading issues? Are you working with bad angles? See how to make the most out of your system even when things are not perfect. Learn the tricks to make sure your surroundings don’t stop the installation of solar
  1. Electrical Code
    Install standards are important to maintain. AETI provides a fun, upbeat code course that is designed to be easy to understand for all participants. We speak about Section 64 of the CEC as well as appendix B and all referenced areas.
  1. Battery system maintenance and design
    Current storage technology and design practices. From wet batteries to lithium-based, learn how to design, source, connect and maintain storage systems properly and safely.
  1. Stand Alone (Off-grid) system design
    Stand-alone systems require different considerations than grid-interactive systems. Demonstrations of the appropriate sizing techniques are used to make sure that your design meets expectations.
  1. Commissioning of array
    Correct and safe industry-accepted commissioning checklists are discussed in this industry-oriented course.
  1. Solar Safety
    Safety should be the focus of any job big or small. We will discuss safe work practices over a variety of situations. From WHIMIS to Job site hazard assessments, make sure your work sites are compliant with regulations so that every job is completed in the safest way possible.
  1. New design concepts 
    Solar of today is very different than it was 5 years ago. We will discuss current and future design and equipment trends to make sure that you are designing with the most relevant considerations. Topics include forced clipping, mini/microgrids, BIPV, Hybrids, the new economics of design, etc.

Course fees include:
– Online Learning modules
– 8 VILTs
– AETI testing fees
– Certificate of completion of course
– Certificate for each VILT
– NEP (Northern Electric Products) Manufacturer Certification Course

VILTs to be taken at participant’s convenience. You may take up to one year to complete all components.

Contact us at with any inquiries.Begin working immediately towards your solar
with access to the vast online course while you prepare
for the VILTs.